Bridging the Gap Between Agriculture and the Community

Join Us in Promoting Agricultural Education and Awareness!

Our Mission

The mission of the Promotion and Education Committee is to the be the voice for agriculture while educating consumers about our industry.  We educate the public about agriculture through various educational projects designed for children and adults.

What We Offer

This Committee is a “time and need” committee, meaning we don’t meet on a regular basis.  We come together when we have a “usual” program to plan/conduct, or when we see a need in the community.  Issues and programs we feel passionately about and conduct events for include: 

  • Helping to host our Adopted Classroom every Spring.
  • Assisting with FCFB Ag In the Classroom Projects and Fundraisers.
  • Conducting past “Faces of Ag.” Campaigns.
  • Composing “Monday Morning Moments” on our Facebook page.
  • Conducting “Farm/City” mixers with local government and Chambers of Commerce.
  • Increasing Farm Safety Awareness.
  • Conducting Road Safety program for High School Drivers.
  • Conducting health screenings and American Red Cross Blood Drives.
  • Participating in County Fair Events.
  • Assisting Area Food Pantries.
  • Promoting general health screening awareness and assisting with vaccine administrations.

Community Engagement

We are proud to organize and participate in:

  • Fulton County Fair Showcasing agricultural advancements and contributions.
  • Ag Day at the Museum: An interactive event for the community to learn about agriculture’s role in our lives.
  • Outreach to School Teachers: Providing resources and support for educators to integrate agricultural education into their curricula.

Have Questions About Farming?

Understanding today’s food vocabulary can be challenging. Terms like “local,” “sustainable,” and “responsibly raised” are more prevalent than ever. If these buzzwords have you puzzled, we’re here to help!

Illinois Farm Families (IFF): IFF is a coalition of agricultural groups focused on connecting farm families with non-farming families. If you have questions about farming in Illinois, let IFF provide the answers. Our goal is to demystify agriculture and make information about farming practices accessible and understandable.

Get Involved!

If you’re interested in learning more or getting involved with the Fulton County Farm Bureau®’s Promotions and Education Committee, please contact us. We welcome all who are interested in promoting and educating about agriculture in our community.

Fulton County Farm Bureau® – Farm. Family. Food.

For more information, please contact us at or 309-547-3011.

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