Strengthening Our Community Through Membership

Be a Part of Our Growing Family at the Fulton County Farm Bureau®!

Our Mission

The Membership Committee of the Fulton County Farm Bureau® is dedicated to nurturing a strong, vibrant community by focusing on the retention of our current members and actively seeking to grow our membership. We believe that a robust membership is the foundation of a successful and influential Farm Bureau®.

Key Responsibilities

Our committee is focused on several crucial areas:

  • Member Retention: Ensuring that our current members feel valued and remain engaged with the Farm Bureau®’s activities and benefits.
  • Membership Growth: Actively reaching out to potential members within the county to increase our community’s size and diversity.
  • Membership Drive: Organizing events and campaigns to attract new members and highlight the benefits of joining the Farm Bureau®.

Membership Benefits

As part of our commitment to our members, we offer:

  • Business Discount Programs: Exclusive discounts and offers from various local businesses, available only to Farm Bureau® members.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about agriculture and rural life.
  • Educational and Social Events: Access to a wide range of events that provide learning opportunities and foster camaraderie among members.

Get Involved

Joining the Membership Committee is a great way to contribute to the strength and growth of the Fulton County Farm Bureau®. Your participation can make a significant difference in reaching out to potential members and retaining our valued existing members.

Join Us Today!

If you’re not yet a member, we invite you to join the Fulton County Farm Bureau® and discover the many benefits that membership offers. For our current members, consider getting involved with the Membership Committee to help us grow our community.

For more information on joining or participating in the Membership Committee, please contact us at or 309-547-3011.

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