Ag in the Classroom

Fulton County Ag in the Classroom

Fulton County is a largely rural county.  Our largest city, Canton, has a population of about 15,000.  Approximately 1.6% of the county’s population is made up of farmers.  Although many of the careers in Fulton County are agriculture-related, much of our population is unaware of the impact that agriculture has on their lives.

Fulton County Ag in the Classroom (FCAITC) is taking steps to make our population more knowledgeable about agriculture as a basic, but often overlooked, part of all of our lives.  Our goal is to assist both children and adults in becoming better-informed citizens and consumers.

FCAITC’s sponsoring agency is Fulton County Farm Bureau.  A part time coordinator staffs FCAITC.  We also have Farm Bureau volunteers who help with programs when needed.  We are actively involved in all eight of the public school districts in Fulton County. 

An Advisory Board, consisting of six members, meets quarterly to review FCAITC and make recommendations.  The members of the Advisory Board include a representative from Fulton County Farm Bureau and other local people who are actively involved in agriculture and/or education.  Funding for FCAITC comes from Partners for Agricultural Literacy, Fulton County Farm Bureau, and our ever-increasing list of additional donors.

Our Ag. Literacy Coordinator Demi Taylor is available to conduct a wide variety of Ag In The Classroom programs for K-12 classes and adults as well. Please call her at 547-3011 or e-mail her at for more information or to schedule a program.