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Harvest season will be upon us before long.  Now is a good time to remind farmers of the Illinois Harvest Season Permits (HSP).  HSP will be available again this year from September 1 through December 31.

Obtaining a HSP allows trucks hauling agricultural commodities to exceed their gross, axle, and registered weights by up to 10%.  To obtain the permit, commodity haulers must apply to each road jurisdiction on whose routes they plan to travel. Where your route crosses several road jurisdictions, you’ll need several permits—one for each jurisdiction.

For state routes, the permit is only available online from the Illinois Department of Transportation’s ITAP website. A “route authorization” is required to be carried along with the State’s permit. This authorization prescribes the route of travel and ensures there are no weight limit postings along that route. The route authorization is obtained on the ITAP website and must be updated at least every 14 days. The permit, route authorization, and form OPER 993 (attached) must be carried in the truck either on paper or electronically. Before beginning each move, all state routes must be checked via the website or ITAP’s route authorization page to verify that there are no closures or postings on the route.   

The HSP from IDOT only allows travel on state routes.  It does not cover travel on Interstates or local routes.  Local jurisdictions may issue a harvest season permit for their road systems, but are not required to. They also have the option to waive the requirement to carry a permit and designate (in writing) that they allow the overweight loads to be carried on their systems.

None of these permits allow a vehicle to exceed a road weight posting. All road and bridge postings still apply.

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